10 May

We all have days that look impossible. Everything seems to be going wrong. We think to ourselves that we will never accomplish our goals and receives the desires of our heart. We wonder what have we done to deserve this lot. Maybe we are cursed or an old hex is on our head. We complain to whom ever will listen. We go through our day grumbling about what should and could have been.

These are the moments when we must dig deep in our soul and become thankful for all that is around us. If you have no home, than be thankful for your apartment. If you are living with someone else than be thankful for the space they have loaned you. Be thankful for a Bed. Be thankful for the grass and the flowers. Be thankful for your body being in motion. Be thankful that you can speak. Be thankful for a new day. Be thankful for your parents. Be thankful for your children. Be thankful to be married. Be thankful to be single. Be thankful if you are fat and be thankful if you are skinny.

Just be Thankful for what ever you have right now because in the quiet moments of pure gratitude Blessings abound. God wants to bless a thankful child. The more you are thankful for where you are right now the more God is able to move in your life.

Melisa Alaba
“The Vision Coach”


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