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6 Thought patterns that keep you Stressed Out

29 Aug
 If you are like many people today you are bombarded with daily issues that come your way from work, children, health, finances and everything else in between. So with all this going on, is stress management really a possibility? Can a busy professional, parent or successful entrepreneur really be stress free? I believe that we can all find a sense of peace in our lives no matter what is going on.  Well, I am sure you are wondering how to achieve peace and harmony in your life.  Over the years, I have found that there are six thinking patterns that interfere with a person discovering their sense of peace.


  1. You may have an overarching life mantra or saying that keep you trapped in stress, such as saying like” There is never enough time to complete all my task” or “ Nothing will ever change for me”.
  2. You may have developed a time consciousness mindset. You are the type of person that only believes peace and happiness will come once you have achieved a goal. Only to discover that it does not so you keep making new goals with the hopes of receiving joy when they are met.
  3. You may be reliving the life of your parents. This cycle keeps you feeling stuck in an outdated pattern.
  4. You are a Type A personality and you only feel happiness if everything is done perfectly. You tend to have high expectations of yourself and others.
  5. You are an all or nothing type of person. If you start a plan but slip up you stop because you feel you messed up. This keeps you in a cycle of angst.
  6. You have had your share of disappointments and failures and you feel stuck in a pattern. You may be anger or bitter which causes you distress in your personal and work life.

No matter your personality type there are simple techniques that you can apply to help heal and calm your spirit. By learning stress management techniques you will enhance your family and work life. You soon will find that you approach issues and projects differently. Having a peaceful life doesn’t require you to enter a monastery or become a missionary. However, it does require you to open yourself up to change and to allow sufficient time to embody what you learn.

May God bless you and keep you on your journey.

Melisa Alaba

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