The Real Story behind The Stiletto Awards

22 Mar

Each day I am honored to do the work that I was designed to do. I know I was purposed to counsel, coach, teach and write.  It is through these medians people lives are transformed.  I have never had a desire or needed to receive kudos or recognition for my calling. So over

Melisa Alaba

the years, as I have received thank you notes and gifts of appreciation from those whom I have touched, it has been more than enough.  However, this year, something unexpected happened.   I received an e-mail stating that I was nominated for a Stiletto Award in several categories.  All I can say was that I was shocked.

Later, the true gravity of the honor began to sink in when I visited the Stiletto Awards website. As I read about the past recipients and my fellow nominees I was in awe. Beautiful talented women were selected from across the country that represented a wide range of entrepreneurs and social activists in many categories.

The honor of being a nominee gave me an opportunity to reflect on my work over past 18 years. I thought about all the people I have assisted on their path. It was an wonderful feeling to know I was doing what I was called to do. The Stiletto Awards event was the icing on the cake.

Ms. Karlena Wallace,   the founder and CEO of Stiletto Woman Magazine, and her team did a beautiful job of making each participant feel special. The details were in the silk table cloths, the shoe center pieces and the top level speakers that poured into our spirits all day long.

The highlights of the day for me came from the esteemed speakers.  The morning started with Media Mogul, Jen Groover.  She gave us insights into being mindful in our everyday lives and allowing that to lead us into success. The legendary actress, Tina Sloan, wowed us with her youth and desire to continue to grow and learn as she aged beautifully.  Dee Marshall, Coach and Television personality, shared her triumphs and trials as she walked out her desire to live by faith.  The inspirational continued as Katrina Harrell and Dr. Sabrina Jackson, spoke about their spirituality and understanding of their own ability to transform lives. The Fabulous Brandi Mitchell, Branding Strategist, gave us nuggets on how to look fly on the run. As the speakers spoke you saw the audience taking notes on their smart phones and Ipads. During intermission we all exchanged stories, chatted with the speakers and learned about the wonderful vendors who sponsored this event. There were beautiful connections being made all around the room.

As if this all were not enough to make a grown woman cry, the event was far from over.  We continued with Stacy Ferguson, Co-Founder of  Beblogalicious and event planner, told us her incredible story of how Beblogalicious came to exist and the extraordinary life she lead while creating it.  I learned through Stacy’s story that I am a blogger.  I definitely will be attending Beblogalicious this year.  I am in awe of these beautiful women and inspired to do more for my community by expanding my vision.

This event highlighted for me with clarity that when I shine then I allow others to shine.  I encourage each of you to attend an event of this magnitude to raise your own level of thinking. This year I made a conscious note to take time regularly to invest in myself personally and professionally.  I committed myself to supporting those in my community and around the country doing wonderful work.  My ultimate goal is to support women and to empower women to take control of their mental health through mindful meditation.  Even if I had not won an award that afternoon, I had already won because I was fulfilling my personal commitment of surrounding myself with high level thinkers.  My growth allows me to give more to my clients and my community.

SWIBA-Logo-800px Wallace and the Stiletto family, allow me to say thanks again for honoring me with 2013 Stiletto Award for Entrepreneurship in the Health and Healing category. I promise to continue to champion this cause and I look forward to next year’s Stiletto Awards where more community leaders will be recognized for their outstanding achievements.

Next year’s award could go to you. Are you living to your fullest potential? Are you ready to play at a higher level?  Start living your best life today.

I am so excited about your future and I look forward to walking on this beautiful journey with you. Contact me today to learn how I can help you achieve your goals or speak at your organization .

As always, I wish you peace and joy on your beautiful journey,

Melisa Alaba
Vision Coach

Do you like this article and want to reprint or share? You can, as long as you include this in its entirety: Melisa Alaba is a Holistic Life Coach and Counselor. Melisa founded Vision Works Counseling and Coaching to empower and inspire you to live your best life. Melisa helps her clients to discover their vision and purpose for life by providing holistic and traditional coaching methods. Melisa specializing in helping her clients; heal from brokenness, find balance in their personal or work life, improve  family life, revive a dream or  let go of past issues. Set up your personal appointment at today or contact her at (404)913-4450.

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