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Reduce Stress in 30 seconds or less

9 Sep

Black woman meditating cartoonOften times our lives can be filled with the mundane and the unoriginal. It is easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle; the constant go that life has to offer. We may end up on daily autopilot, not realizing how tense or stress we have become. Taking small moments out of your day to care for yourself is key to balancing your stress levels and relieving the tension that is stored in your body and mind. Take several seconds out of your day to begin owning your time back and not letting your time own you!

Here are some ways to make sure you are reducing your stress in 30 seconds or less:

1. Breathe– Take some deep breaths in and out slowly. Breathing is a natural way to reverse that automatic response that happens when you get stressed. It is designed to slow you and your body down.

2. Sing– If you are sitting in Atlanta traffic, you have tons of time to blast your vocals on high with no one listening if you are in the car alone. Don’t worry about hitting those high notes, just sing your heart out!

3. Stretch– Raise your hands high above your head or do some neck rolls. Releasing the tension physically is a good way to get instant gratification.

4. Smell Bliss– Lavender essential oil or your favorite scented candles are known to release calm and peace into your atmosphere.

5. Herbal Time– Chamomile tea and Ashwagandha are great herbal remedies to induce relaxation and reduce stress physically and mentally.

6. Honor Your Breaks– If you are at work and feeling the stress, take time to break. If you get a lunch break, take it. If you get 15 min breaks, take those. Reward your hard work by savoring your breaks in full.

7. Gratitude– It’s always great to hear the words “thank you” from others, but why wait for someone else when you can thank your self anytime of the day. Choose the end, middle, or end of your day find things you are grateful for about yourself!

Wishing you Peace and Joy,

Evanye Lawson, MA, NCC, LAPC, CHT

Holistic Counselor

Evanye Lawson contributed to our blog with this beautiful post. Evanye specializes in breathwork and is a certified hypnotherapist. She currently practices in Georgia and is a guide for the Melisa Alaba Women Retreats.  For more information on living a holistic life visit us at

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