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Forgiving is a Choice

14 Nov
Recently, a client shared with me the hurt he felt growing up as a child. He grew up with a single mother. She was a great provider but she often belittled him and called him names. He stated that he felt like a burden to her. With guidance he was able to approach his mother and begin to repair the wounds. His mother shared the great pain she felt when she was left to raise her son alone. Because she carried that hurt in her heart she placed those issues on her young son. When we choose to forgive we free ourselves and the people around us. When we choose to hold on to the past we imprison ourselves and the people around us. Our mind is powerful and wonderful. Human beings are the only animals on earth that can recall the past and conger up all of it’s memories. Forgiveness is a choice.19587291_s
 In essence we feel the emotional pain of an unresolved issue every time we think of it.  I teach my clients to let it go. By letting go we allow ourselves to fully live in the present moment. We also slowly release the painful memories that can trap us. Each day we have to make a decision to forgive others and to forgive ourselves. When we release forgiveness we release anger, bitterness, fear,frustration, self-loathing, illness and regret. For more exercises on releasing forgiveness and embracing your best life order “Live Out Loud, 52 Ways to ReAwaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose today.
By letting go of the hurt my client is claiming his power back. He is also taking more risk in his relationships and learning to trust himself and others. He is allowing himself to be vulnerable and open to all the possibilities of having a loving relationship. Often times we associate forgiveness with embracing a person who hurt us. However, In the act of forgiveness you are making a decision to let go of the old wound. You do not have to be friends with a person to forgive them. Forgiveness allows you to free yourself from negative energy so that you can be more alive in your relationships.
Start forgiving today with this simple exercise. Writing a release letter is a powerful tool for letting go. Take a moment to write to the person who hurt you. Tell them what they did. Explain the hurt it caused you. Then write about how this has held you back in your relationships. Finally, write why you no longer need to carry the burden of this issue any longer. End the letter with ” I forgive you” because I choose to let go. You don’t need to mail the letter. But just writing it will aid you in letting go. Each time the issue comes up remind yourself out loud. ” I have released this” ” I choose to let go”.
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Wishing you Peace and Joy,
Melisa Alaba

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