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Happiness is a Choice

2 Feb

Most people are chasing the dream of happiness.  Many times we believe that our happiness will come when we accomplish a certain goal, have wealth5557692_s or gain status. Soon we learn that happiness is elusive like a mirage in a desert. With each milestone we achieve the idea of happiness changes. Think of typical conversations with family and friends.  You may greet them with a statement such as “How are you doing?“ and they may reply “I am ok.”  Then they go on to say “Well, I will be happy when I retire or when I get a promotion.” We seem to be stuck in the idea that our happiness lies in our achieving something or arriving at some place. Years ago, I had a client who dreamed of owning his own computer company. After achieving great success in his computer business he desired a change. He decided that he would rather pursue a medical degree. During this time he stated over and over again to family members that he would be happy when he was a doctor. Once he became a doctor he then said that he would be happy once he had his own medical practice. After he started his medical practice he said that his happiness would come after he had saved ten million dollars. For this person and for so many people happiness is a destination rather than a state of being. Don’t misunderstand me. I believe achieving goals is important and adds value to our lives. However, when we determine that we can only be happy upon achieving certain goals or accumulating wealth we become trapped in the happiness deception. We can decide to be happy right now. Yes, you can be happy today. Here are my some tips on being happy now. For more exercises on living your best life order my new book Live Out Loud and beginning living on purpose now. 

  1. Enjoy the moment. Learn to be happy no matter what is going on. Paul said in Philippians 4:12, “I am content in all things.”
  2. Keep a gratitude journal to remind you of all the wonderful things that are happening to you every day.
  3. Meditate so that you can train your mind to pay attention to the simple beauty of everyday.
  4. Spend time in nature. Observe the harmony of our habitat. Notice how easy it is to accept peace and joy when we become quiet.
  5. Limit the amount of media you take in through news, radio and social media. Allow yourself to keep some boundaries of how much negativity you take in on a daily basis.
  6. Eliminate gossiping. Gossip drains us and often depletes us of our energy to produce good in our own life.
  7. Stop complaining and work to see the good side in every situation. The moment you decide to accept things as they are without complaint is the moment you become happy. It opens up the opportunity for solutions to come forth.

I encourage you to embrace your joy today. Make a decision that today and every day you will be happy. Happiness is a  destination that you can achieve. Wishing you Peace and Joy, Melisa

Melisa Alaba is a transformation leader, inspiring you to live life on your terms in your home and business. Join her today in living your best life with seminars, classes and books at . Melisa is also the author of the best selling book , Live Out Loud, 52 Weeks to ReAwaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose. Ready to live a life of Purpose? Abundance? Get Your Copy today!

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