7 Of My Best Tips For Living An Abundant Life

18 May

Recently there has been a lot written on living an abundant life.  Many wonder how do I make these principle work for me today. Can I really have an abundant life in the new economy? Absolutely!  Abundance is a state of mind. Change your mindset and you will attract new ideas and ways of operating in a way that will manifest what you desire.

Living a life of purpose is so vital to feeling free and really making the impact on this world that God intended. Read my book , “Live Out Loud” 52 Ways To Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of purpose,  for insights and exercises that will help you identify your purpose in every area of your life. You were designed to have a powerful impact for yourself, family, in your career and for the world.  Ready for more….on to the first tip. 


abundance1. Words- Our words are directed related to our thoughts. The words we speak play a vital role in how we live our lives. We speak many things into our lives without really being aware of our power. What have you spoken into your life? Everything you have in your life right now is because you spoke it into existence. If I were to spend an hour talking with you today what would your words tell me about your? Are you well? Is your business thriving? No matter what your situation is you can speak life into it. Speak life today.

2. Actions- What are you called to do? When presented with an idea or given advice, that can move your life in a positive direction,do you activate yourself or allow fear to hold you back?

3. Surroundings- Surround yourself with beauty. Nature is a wonderful way to put yourself in the state of abundance. In nature we learn that everything has an order and abundance is all around us. Look at the water and notice how it gathers it self and the trees how you can just get lost in the leaves.

4. Meditation – Allow your self each day to just feel joy and bliss as you meditate on having more than enough. Notice how peaceful and joyful you feel as you breathe in abundant thoughts.

5. Imagery- Allow yourself to imagine yourself having and living the life that you have always dreamed of. What would that feel like? You can only have what you imagine so go ahead and dream . Remember to keep the imaginary focused on what God desires for you. Someone else’s garden may look good but God already has plans for you. So go ahead imagine living in the house of your dreams and driving the car that you desire.

6. Gratitude- Extend gratitude to God and to the universe for all the things you have been blessed with. When we extend gratitude we are showing appreciation for all that God has blessed us with. This opens up doors for God to bless us with more.

7.  Forgive and Let go- Release any pain from the past that is holding you back. It is difficult to focus on abundance and gratitude when our hearts have become harden with bitterness and regret. Let the past go so you can live freely in your present.

What are your best tips on Abundant living?  Did one of these resonate with you?  Share your thoughts with us.

Wishing You Peace and Abundance,


Melisa Alaba is a transformation leader, inspiring you to live life on your terms in your home and business. Join her today in living your best life with seminars, classes and books at www.melisaalaba.com . Melisa is also the author of the best selling book , Live Out Loud52 Weeks to ReAwaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose. Ready to live a life of Purpose? Abundance? Get Your Copy today!

One Response to “7 Of My Best Tips For Living An Abundant Life”

  1. Shanna 'Elise' Stevenson May 18, 2014 at 10:13 PM #

    Thanks for these tips. I’m trying harder and harder everyday to speak things into existence. In fact, as part of my post for the Day 4 challenge, I spoke about this. Again, thanks for sharing.
    Shanna (theblinkproject)


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