5 Must Have Tools for Busy Mommy Authors

19 May


Maya Angelou Quote

Many authors today have demanding careers outside of their writing as well a family to tend too.  My home is no different.  But just like you I had a goal of completing my book and launch products and I was determined to meet it.  So how did I find the time?  A word of caution  is advised before we move on. You are now entering the “No Excuse Zone”.  I live by this motto and everyone in the house understands that we all have goals and we are responsible for making them happen. But even with the best intentions life happens so here are some strategies to create space and time in your life for getting your book done.

  1. Limit your activities when you are close to completing your book. Ask friends and family to help with carpooling and do not take on any new commitments. Allow your children or  spouse to do the laundry and other household tasks. Leave empty spaces on your calendar just to think about your book and to figure out your process and of course to write. Many times we unconsciously take on more responsiblities to avoid completing major goals.
  1. Create a meal plan with easy and nutritious meals. Look on-line or get a simple meals cook book to get fresh and easy ideas that can be cooked in thirty minutes or less. Also make sure you keep healthy snacks on hand. It so easy to eat poorly when you are writing late or early during the day. Having a system will help you get a meal on the table quickly and you back to your writing.
  1. Use a recording application on your cell phone when inspiration comes. You can also record chapters of your book and have them typed later by a trained transcriptionists .
  1. Keep a monthly master calendar in your kitchen or family room. Let everyone know your schedule and also keep track of theirs so you don’t miss any important activities. I also keep one calendar with my personal and business  meetings so I do not mix anything up. Taking the time to do this each month and updating the calendar weekly will ensure that you have blocked time for writing with few surprises during the weeks.
  1. Have a completion weekend. I generally write fifteen minutes to thirty minutes each day on bigger projects such as classes, books or information products. However, I schedule a completion weekend each month. The weekend is designed to bring all the pieces togehter.  This is your time to connect the dots such as sorting your research, editing your work, or trimming your content.  The key to having a successful weekend is to have a plan.  Plan on leisure time to relax and have organized time to work while away. During these weekends I  complete projects and you will too if you follow your plan. You may spend the weekend at a resort, in a cabin or in your private office. Last thought- Make sure you announce to your family and friends that you will be unplugged for the weekend. This will give you more uninterrupted time to write!

I know what it feels like to have the dream of birthing your first book  buried deep inside of you. Today I declare it is time to see your dream come to life. Ready to write your first book? Create a CD? Live on Purpose?  Well, I am here for you with step by step programs to help you release your dreams.

Wishing You Joy and Success,

Melisa Alaba


Melisa Alaba is the Author of Live Out Loud, 52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose. Melisa can be found walking on a trail or sampling chocolate along the coast. You can connect with her on-line via her social media outlets or join her in one of her many classes on her website www.melisaalaba.com


2 Responses to “5 Must Have Tools for Busy Mommy Authors”

  1. Brandi Starr @CassiusBlueCo May 20, 2014 at 5:33 PM #

    I’m one of those people who have a book on the to do list. I have so many ideas I need to pick one book to write and actually get started. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • myusouf May 20, 2014 at 6:18 PM #

      Thank you and Absolutely. I know you have some information that we all need. Pick the topic that you have the most information already structured in some format and get started. I’ll bet you already have blog post, powerpoints and recordings with your topic. Now its time to compile and expand.

      Set your release date and start today! To your success.

      Liked by 1 person

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