The best advice I ever received….

20 May

I am always amazed at how God will send you the right message  just when you need them. Some of the  best advice I ever received was from some of our countries leading thought leaders ,expressed through a television program or one of their books.  Listed below are 5 pieces of advice that I find myself using and references over and over again.


1.            Bishop TD Jakes once said  ” Your gift is always your gift no matter what happens in life. He went on to say “ Never stop doing what you were called to do” . Wow. That continues to resonate with my spirit because it is what I needed to know so badly. I needed to understand that I would get tired sometimes and I would even feel like giving up but I was never to stop living on purpose. This advice has led me to go on retreats and take daily quiet time because I understand that we are not our gift and we have to take care of the vessel that it dwells in.  Thanks Bishop Jakes.

2.       Joyce Meyer was dead on with the following thoughts. She said  “Your daily practices of service, stewardship are just as important than spreading your talent world wide. When you discipline  yourself in small things God will bless you in big things.”  I consider myself a servant to mankind. I work to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

3.            Iyanla Vanzant shared this wisdom nugget on Oprah a few years ago, “When you see crazy coming cross the street.”  This is my most hilarious but truest advice. It is also listed as one of my favorite quotes because I take this advice literally. The moment I see people or situations that are not right you can bet your last dollar I  am crossing the street.

4.            I credit my late grandmother with this next morsel of  wisdom.  My grandmother would always say  “A man is like a bus when one leaves another will come around in the next five minutes. Study your books you will always have an opportunity to have a relationship.”  I believe my grandmother wanted me to know that new opportunities are always on the rise but I needed to be tuned into my  gifts and other blessings would follow me. Grandmother was very wise.

5.            I’m not quite sure who gave me this golden piece of wisdom but I know it has been one of the pillars of my learning experience. The statement, “All of the answers to the biggest secrets to life are in a book.”  This still rings true every single time I need an answer or some information  I find it in a book. Someone somewhere had the same issue and solved it and now they have produced a book to help me figure it out also.

I hope some of the wisdom shared with me inspires and encourages you.  I would love to hear from you  so go ahead and leave a comment  or tweet me. Let me know the  best advice that you have received? And how has it served you?

Enjoy the Journey,


Melisa Alaba is the Author of Live Out Loud, 52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose. Melisa can be found walking on a trail or celebrating her birthday (everyday) with a slice of birthday cake. You can connect with her on-line via her social media outlets or join her in one of her many classes on her website at

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