Ain’t No Party Like A Oprah Winfrey Party….

18 Sep

We converged from all over the country to the land of Motown for the Live Your Life Tour Detroit hosted by Oprah Winfrey and friends.oprah-tour-life-you-want-949x534 DJ  Kiss got the audience primed and ready for the feast with electrifying sounds and beats. Iyanla Vanzant danced with us and invited us on a journey to free ourselves and welcoming us into the Awakening that was about to occur.For many of us we had already started this on this path. This event would serve as an oasis as we prepared for the rest of our journey.  The evening started with Oprah leading us through a series of monumental moments in her life that mirrored our own lives. After all we grew up with Lady O., we knew her story yet it captivated us to see it all laid out together. Through Oprah’s eyes we saw our own legacy in the making.

We welcomed day two with prayers and meditation with Mark Nepo and Winfrey. Weeping and crying as we released our fears accepting our now. Elizabeth took us on an Odyssey of adventure of where our life would lead if we followed our heart calling. Rob Bell fascinated us with embracing our quirky selves and extending faith as we follow Gods Call. We were introduced to the life story of the amazing heroine  Amy Purdy. Many of us tried Soul Cycle for the first time. Oh what an energy raising joy!

10538621_10203986951146016_1210509870655811144_n Oprah winfrey tourThen Iyanla Vanzant on her birthday no less showered us with a message of acceptance and love. She beckoned us to live our truth. She lit up the stage with her phenomenal self and exuded her usual rawness and beauty that rocked the core of our personal truths.

I have been to many conferences and events over the years. This one will always stand out in my mind as one of the most spiritual and uplifting I have attended.  The central message of love was everywhere. Kindness dripped from the employees throughout the building. The attendees were patient with one another and giving. It felt almost like a church. People talked to each other and embraced one another. Once strangers we were all friends by day two.  There were spontaneous gestures of love all weekend such as the conga line at lunch, the crowd offering up a beautiful happy birthday Song to Iyanla and Oprah dancing with us to sounds of  DJ Kiss.

By lunch the Party was just getting started  and we rocked the day away. O town was open with sponsors and celebrities out to greet the crowd.  My daughter who was my guest for the event took selfies with Gayle King, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rob Bell and Amy Purdy.  It was a love fest.

Iyanla VI raise my hand and hat to Lady Oprah. Cheers. Thank you for bringing this event to us live and in person.  I have already begun my homework of working on my areas of life that do not resemble what I believe to be true. I have set my intention to live better, be better and not to settle for less.  Thank you and cheers.

Purely Yours,


As a member of the media I was so impressed with the care that was given to us. We received the most amazing seats and love by the media staff. This event raised my bar of how I want to be treated at future events I cover.  Full disclosure I recieved tickets to the event along with a guest (daughter) compliments of Life You Want Tour,LLC. 


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