Press Release

Melisa Alaba presents her long-awaited Mindfulness Meditation CD

Now, you have the opportunity to receive the powerful mindfulness training that you need to help you achieve your life’s goals and true, soul-deep happiness, right in your home. Life Coach and Counselor Melisa Alaba presents her new CD, A Beautiful Series: Mindfulness Meditation, designed to guide you to the mental clarity and focus that you need to achieve your highest self. Mindfulness Meditation utilizes Melisa’s 12-plus years of experience to guide your mind out of the noisy confusion most of us live in to the diamond clarity we need to be our greatest selves. Through her gentle approach, Melisa guides you toward a crystal clear mind. The CD contains a series of meditations and nature sounds, all with the singular goal of being here for you.  Based on Melisa’s Mindfulness classes that she teaches, A Beautiful Journey: Mindfulness Meditation allows you to bring her years of experience and profound approach into your home.

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Order your copy of Mindfulness Meditation on Melisa’s website,


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