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What If The Roles Were Reversed?

7 Sep

A few weeks ago I was privileged to speak at a book club annual event. It was a joyous occasion9781476730530being amongst book lovers. So while traveling in the hotel and mingling with folks throughout the two-day event I would stop and pose the question “What are you currently reading?” to whomever I ran into. The answers varied but one answer that caught my attention was by a woman who said “I am reading Forty Acres and you should too” She went on to express how the book was a thriller with a hook.

I was sold and wanted to know more about this book. A few days later, I had the book Forty Acres; A Thriller, in my hands. A few short moments later I knew this book would go down in history as a must read book. I also knew that  one day this book will be made into a movie. The premise of the book lives in a secret society of affluent African-Americans who are out to reverse the system in their own way. For those of you that follow my blog I am hugely a self-help book fan but every now and then I take a detour. Forty Acres was my detour into fiction writing. I laid awake  for four nights in darkness praying that the beacon of light Martin would break through as I moved through this fast paced thriller.

At times I found myself in rage with the characters and then at other times I was in agreement about society and the history of the black plight. This story also begs the question of forgiveness. African-Americans who labored so hard to build this country are often in a trance by ideology to forgive the wrongs that were done to us. It is even written in our American constitution that we should not reap any reward for our sufferings. Prisons are filled with African-American men and women who commit petty crimes. We are also asked to sit down while our children continue to be murdered in the street, mostly recently in Ferguson,Missouri.

This book challenges us to think about race relations today in America. It asks the question – Can we reverse the effects of Slavery?  It also begs us to examine unfair practices that have driven wealth out of black communities. At the end of the book I wondered to myself – What if slavery was reversed? Would African-Americans have been so easily forgiven?

Have you read this thriller? Share your thoughts with me.

With faith and hope for a brighter future,

Melisa Alaba

Melisa Alaba is a Spiritual Life Coach, Speaker and  Author of Live Out Loud, 52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose. Melisa can be found walking on a trail or sampling chocolate along the coast. You can connect with her on-line via her social media outlets or join her in one of her  classes or retreats. Learn more at  www.melisaalaba.com



The Reading Room-Real Money Answers for Every Woman

1 Aug

If you are like most people deciding to deal with your finances is a daunting task. In her latest book, Real Money Answers for Every Woman: How to Win the Money Game With or Without a Man, Patrice C. Washington attempts to help her readers break the cycle of financial illiteracy. Patrice  bookcoverThis book is an easy read with actionable steps at the end of each chapter. Patrice serves up the information with wisdom, a bit of sassiness and straight talk.

Washington shares her personal story of overcoming 18,000 dollars of debt after graduating college. Create wealthy habits, Make more money, Manage money wisely and Relationships with money are the four principles that guided Washington in eliminating debt and creating wealth. Patrice believes those principles are key to the readers success with money.  Real Money Answers for Every Woman challenges the reader to accept responsibility for their own financial life. Patrice gives examples of day to day decision such as shoe shopping and mall strolling that keep many people in debt. Patrice inspires us to change our financial blueprint by changing our money mindset.

Using money affirmations and dream boards to create a new mindset are just some of tools that the author offers to change our money mindset to one of a winner. While you find traditional expert advice such as creating a debt elimination plan and creating a saving plan for your future. Real Money Answers for Every Woman uses a holistic approach in acquiring wealth.

Lastly, Real Money Answers for Every Woman offers solutions to making your life better. The author acknowledges that many women are underpaid so she encourages the reader to go after their worth. Washington offers sound advice for climbing the corporate ladder and creating income through entrepreneurship.

If you are seeking an information only money guide then this book is probably not for you. However, if you are ready to drastically change your financial future then get this book and start doing the work today.

Have your read Real Money Answers for Every Woman? Do you have a testimony to share? Write me and let me know your thoughts.

Wishing You Peace and Joy,


Melisa Alaba is the Author of Live Out Loud, 52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose. Melisa can be found walking on a trail or sampling chocolate along the coast. You can connect with her on-line via her social media outlets or join her in one of her many classes on her website www.melisaalaba.com

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