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How She Got Free

22 Aug

Entrepreneurship is rewarding but it also can be tough. So how does an entrepreneur manage a family, business, relationships and take care of themselves?   How  She Got Free , 5 Step Spiritual Business Manual to women who lead through Entrepreneurship, offers solutions for the woman who struggles to experience true success in her business and in life.

At an awards show last year I was honored to meet Akilah Richards and Katrina Harrell, panelists at the event. Katrina talked about her struggles and successes as an entrepreneur; she did not want others to experience the trials and errors she had and so she penned How I Got Free, along with Akilah Richards.

How She Got Free

How She Got Free

The book chronicles the life of Layna, an entrepreneur who has experienced success and defeat. Layna longed to live the life of her dreams but found herself off-balance in her health, marriage and in having systems within her business to provide her with the structure she needed to succeed. The story of Layna allows you to peek into the life of a financially successful entrepreneur who lacks systems that allow for a well-lived life.

How She Got Free offers s a five-step plan that will lead you to discovering your Achilles heel in business and in life. Richards and Harrell provide soul work exercises after each chapter which guide you into rebuilding your business model. The authors believe that every business is viable when the right systems are put into place. Harrell hold you accountable for having a strategic business plan, accountability partners, and dealing with personality flaws that may lead to poor choices and decisions. According to Richards, many businesses fail because of lack of planning and delegating.

I  recommend this book for anyone who is struggling in their current business or for new business owners who want to start with a good foundation.  This is a great resource for gaining ideas about how to be a well-balanced entrepreneur. Richards and Harrell are among the growing number of Indie authors who are adding value to the literary community.

Living a Life of Joy,


Melisa Alaba is the Author of Live Out Loud, 52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose. Melisa can be found walking on a trail or sampling chocolate along the coast. You can connect with her on-line via her social media outlets or join her in one of her many classes on her website www.melisaalaba.com



Please Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself (Part 1)

18 May

Please allow me to re- introduce myself.  My name is Melisa Alaba. . I am always excited, mostly due to the fact that I get to nurture and learn from some of the coolest people on earth; Owolabi, Ariel, Yemi and Dayo everyday. A few years ago, I reinvented my life into one that is full of purpose, love and truth. Then I wrote a book named , Live Out Loud, 52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose, so others could do the same.

I enjoy walking, meditating, reading and just thinking. I adore social media but I am notorious for unplugging daily. I love structure but I resist ridgid rules. I often play outside of the lines. I am an independent thinker who is willing herself to trust my spirit more each day.

Myths- Most people think I am an extrovert but I am an introvert at my core. I would prefer to curl up to a good book or relax on a beach then attend a gala or party. Although, I have been known to step out from time to time (laughing out loud to no one in particular but myself) .

I feel the most alive when I am creating a new class, executing a plan, writing my thoughts or helping someone else achieve their dreams.

What I can’t live without- My life would lose it’s flavor if books suddenly disappeared or God forbid- chocolate was no longer manufactured or imported into the country.

What I can live without- I could easily live without television and  clocks. I hate pulling away from something when I get my groove going.

And My Blog- Look for weekly self-help book reviews that will help you in your personal and professional life. I will share more insightful articles such as this and yes more spirit and purpose blogs that will guide you on your journey.

What’s Next? Thanks to you I have a national platform with clients from coast to coast which gives me a lot of flexiability to travel while I work .  So this  summer I will create classes, programs and products to serve you better while traveling to some beautiful destinations.  Expect awesome programs and courses to assist you on your journey in the fall of this year.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my blog, coaching practice and book. You absolutely Rock! I love you and I look forward to hearing about your victories. Remember life is not a race it is a journey.

Wishing You Peace and Joy,


Melisa Alaba is the Author of Live Out Loud, 52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose. Melisa can be found walking on a trail or sampling chocolate along the coast. You can connect with her on-line via her social media outlets or join her in one of her many classes at her website www.melisaalaba.com

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