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Is Positive thinking a choice?

8 Apr

Yes it is very true.  Some people are born with a positive outlook on life, and others have an innate ability to see the negative side to every situation.  In fact, research shows that it is easier to pick out the negative aspects of any situation.  For example, think back over your day.  What is the first thing that comes to mind? I bet you identified something that went wrong.  Maybe you remembered that you were late for work.  Perhaps getting stuck in traffic comes to mind.  Or maybe someone said something to you that didn’t settle right with your spirit.

It takes a special type of a person to automatically name the good things that went well.  That positive thinker might say: “It was a beautiful day outside” or “Because there was a lot of traffic I was able to enjoy my favorite CD”.  Positive thinkers tend to see the good in every situation.  And research shows that people who think positively live a more healthy and productive life. They are able to fight stressors off easily and have a great social network. Surprised?  You shouldn’t be! People like being around happy people.

So can a person change?  Can one decide to be more positive and therefore reap these healthy effects? YES!  Yes, you absolutely can. Here are a few strategies that I use to help my clients to transform their minds. With practice, you will soon see the class half full too.

  • Reprogram your mind.  Listen to positive music, lectures or sermons.  Take in more good news than bad news.  Limit the time you watch the news or political channels.  These dooms day programs will keep you from seeing the good in the world.
  • Rebuke Negative thoughts.  Our minds are programmed to see the negative but you can stop it.  Every time a negative thought jumps in your head kill it with three positive thoughts.   Then repeat them out loud.
  • Meditate on good things.  I love to meditate on the words :  Peace, Love, and Joy.  It’s amazing how just thinking of those words brings about a beautiful feeling in my soul.  You can also meditate on bible verses.  If you truly are feeling depressed, tired, and sick or any other ailment meditate on one bible verse that speaks to that situation.  You will soon find relieve.
  • Have positive friends.  We are who we share time and space with.  If everyone in your circle is a downer, please get some new friends today.
  • Become Affirmation Friendly.  Use affirmations that represent and solidify your new positive behavior and outlook.  Try these on for size:   “I am happy”, “I am loved”, “I see the good in all situations”, “I encourage others by seeing the brighter side to every situation”.  Now it’s your turn to write a few affirmations down. Place them in your purse or wallet.  Each day take a few minutes to call them out.
  • Clear the clutter.  Our physical environment plays a large role in how we feel and think.  Organize your space.  Then decorate it with beautiful things.  This little change will help you to feel emotionally better.
  • Become Solution Focused.  Many times people become stagnate or negative because they let many small situations build up over time.  Soon they feel overwhelmed which results in feeling negative towards life.  Whenever a situation arises began to look at it as a problem that can be solved.  See yourself as a problem solver.  Addressing issues head on will allow you to feel freer  and happier about your life

Finally, start a “Guess What Happened to Me Today “ Journal.  Every evening before you go to bed record all the positive things that happened to you throughout the day.  Making this conscious effort to notice the goodness of life will transform your thinking.

Take time to celebrate the good that is happening in your life and I promise you will soon notice that more beautiful things are happening for you each day.

As always, I wish you peace and joy on your wellness journey,

Melisa Alaba
Vision Coach

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